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Wedding Anniversary Photography Syracuse NY by Mariana Roberts

Wedding Anniversary Photography 
By Mariana Roberts Photography

Wedding Anniversary Photography in Syracuse New York by Mariana Roberts. Celebrate your Wedding Anniversary with the Love of your Life. Wedding Anniversary photos created by an Artist capturing all your beautiful memories with an artistic vision. 

($175) Love Birds package (2 people) 

One Hour of Photography Service. 15 Images (Poses) on CD.
Prints are not included with this Package.

($225) Honey Bee Package (2 people) 

One Hour of Photography Service. 25 Images (Poses) on CD.
2 - 5x7 Desk Prints are included with this Package. 

($250) Kisses & Hugs Package (2 people)

One Hours of Photography Service. 35 Images (Poses) on CD.
2 - 8x10 Prints are included with this Package. 

($350) True Love Package (2 people)

Two Hours of Photography Service. 45 Images (Poses) on CD  
2 - 5x7, 2 - 8x10, 2 - 11x14 Prints are included with this Package.  

items included in your photo session
• Mariana's Artistic Photography Style                        
• High Resolution CD of your photos
• 2 - Fine Art images (Mariana's Signature Works of Art)
• Two outfit changes included with your photo session/per person
• Indoor or outdoor photography settings available                  
• You may bring up to 4 props to add to your outfits
• Photo gallery of your beautiful photos hosted on my website for 30 days
• Online Prints Store hosted on my website for 60 days where you can order your own professional quality prints, print products and beautiful greeting cards for any special occasion or Holiday

Larger print sizes are available starting at 20x24 and larger. Beautiful custom framed prints are available, please E-mail me to view examples of our photo frames and prices:

Beautiful examples of our Wedding Anniversary Photography

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Learn how to be a Professional Model by choosing a Professional Photographer who inspires you to look and feel BEAUTIFUL!

Learn how to be a Professional Fashion Model in Syracuse New York (Central New York) by choosing a Professional Photographer who inspires you to look and feel BEAUTIFUL by telling your story to make it Memorable! Making your photos Creative, Artistic, Fun, and Exiting!

A professional fashion photograph is a reflection of the subject "the beautiful you". Clothing, hair, and makeup highlight the natural beauty of an individual but a true Professional Photographer will capture inner beauty, expression, form, emotion, and individuality of a human being. All human beings are Beautiful and Diverse. The Photographer and the subject "Model" work together to create and capture the abstract emotion and personality of you "the individual." 

 As a model you are "A WORK OF ART" and as your Photographer I'm asking you to give your all to the camera. Just like a paintbrush moving on canvas your photographic story becomes the painting. Look at the camera as if you were looking at someone you love, perhaps someone you desire, or someone you miss. On the day of your photo shoot imagine yourself flirting, dancing, laughing and crying in front of the camera to bring forth the emotion you hold deep inside. "Being yourself is the most beautiful element of modeling." Think of the camera as a window into your soul publishing the story reflected withing you. Look at the camera as if your speaking to a person, someone who fills your heart with joy. Tell a story with your your eyes, your expressions, your movements and emotions, your heart and your spirit. 

I will capture your inner and outer beauty, as you shine bright and fade into the darkness in front of the camera. "True beauty comes together in pieces, beauty is a balance of Light and Darkness united with a Shade of Grey."

I would like to give you an artistic collection of professional modeling photographs that will carry your photographic memories into the future capturing hearts all around the world. Allow your heart and soul to sail the ocean tides as you dance in front of the camera. Let the camera see your natural beauty and the flourishing matrix of colors reflecting from your infinite soul. The most magical part of your Fashion Photography experience is the reflection of your true colors! Be just as you are for you are Beautiful, Diverse, Creative, and Unique; you are a Work of Art. 

Flow like the wind and enjoy every moment; let nature sweep you off your feet and rise above the clouds. Let yourself worries at all. Trust your Photographer to see you just as you are, to encourage and guide you while capturing your true colors with the camera. Think about how the photos turned out after the photo session not before or during the photo session. Allow your mind, body, and spirit be free and move naturally...
 Modeling is like a dance, come as you are and dance like no one is watching! Together we will create Professional Photographs that will cross oceans of time and light a path into the future. 

~Mariana Roberts (Your Professional Fashion Photographer and True Friend)


Mariana Roberts

Phone: (315) 409-6893 (Text Messaging Available)


9:00 a.m. to 9 p.m. Eastern Time, Monday - Saturday,
9:00 a.m. to 6 p.m. Eastern Time, Sunday

We provide the following photography services

• Wedding Photography
• Bridal Photography
• Engagement Photography
• Post Wedding Photography
• Portrait Photography
• Maternity Photography
• High School Senior Photography
• Senior Photography
• Pet Photography
• First Communion Photography
• Baptism Photography
• Birthday Party Photography
• Graduation Photography
• Holiday Photography
• Sports Photography
• Performers Photography
• Fashion Photography
• Glamour Photography
• Artistic and Conceptual Photography
• Corporate Photography
• Commercial Photography
• Travel Photography
• Wildlife Photography
• Animal Photography
• Nature Photography

“Photography is painting a picture with light and watching it transform into a memory.”

All photos are the copyrighted property of Mariana Roberts. All rights reserved.